Xercise4Life Limited is a professional company that provides schools, colleges, and organisations with quality classes/sessions and workshops consisting of fitness, sport and dance. All our classes and workshops are delivered by qualified and highly trained teachers and coaches and they have all been CRB checked. Our workshops and programs are designed to make exercising enjoyable and fun. We have found that exercise can assist in developing confidence, self-esteem and encourage and promote the creative elements of teamwork. At Xercise4Life we firmly believe that the most effective exercise programs are the ones that are made enjoyable, which in turn have a powerful and positive effect on the participants that are taking part. We are members of the Fitness Industry Association who have a strict code of conduct with which we have to adhere to.

Xercise4Life have identified that in the UK there are a growing number of children who do very little or no form of exercise and this is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate. In addressing this problem the government recently stated that schools must double the amount of physical activity on offer and this is also inline with the PESSCL strategy. Our professional team will motivate children of all ages into action with exciting Dance Workshops, Fitness Classes and Coaching Programs. As Fitness and Exercise educators, it is important that each participant understands, rather than merely copies the skills and techniques that we teach. We seek the potential in each pupil and will take time, coupled with enthusiasm in delivering structured workshops and classes in school curriculum time, after school clubs or during half term.

Xercise4Life Limited as an independent fitness company means that we are able to focus on the things that matter most to our clients. We have an immense passion for fitness and a reputation for paying particular attention to detail and providing a quality service. This is reflected in the way that we develop and deliver first class programs to schools, organisations and communities. We believe that value and high standards go hand in hand.